Stamford Park Trust Aspirations week roundup

27 July 2022

Ashton Sixth Form College were extremely excited to have hosted the Stamford Park Trust Aspirations week recently. The week saw year groups from fellow SPT members, Longdendale High School and Rayner Stephens High School, visit ASFC and take part in various lectures, workshops and talks.

Year 7's from Longdendale and Rayner Stephens participated in Criminology and Law lectures, two subjects they wouldn't usually study at high school which was very exciting for them.

Year 8's took part in a treasure hunt in Maths, English and Science and worked very hard to solve a mystery!

Finally, we had our XL and Realising Aspirations programme leaders deliver introductory workshops to the Year 9's, giving the students a glimpse of the unique programmes we offer here at Ashton!

We also had Year 10's from both schools the previous week for taster days!

We have loved welcoming over 400 students from across both Longdendale and Rayner Stephens into Ashton Sixth Form College. It is really exciting for us to be building our Stamford Park Trust community. Thank you Longdendale and Rayner Stephens students for being participating and being amazing!

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