Our Trust

There is real strength in our collaboration; we have already seen significant benefits across many aspects of school since we came
together as one Trust. There are real benefits to students and families choosing to be part of Stamford Park Trust.

Our staff work together across the different phases of education to ensure our students are prepared for the important transition at 16, working closely with careers, liaison and admission professionals to guide students and help them make the right choices for them and their future careers.

We have a relentless focus on the quality of education and understand the importance of students feeling happy and inspired as part of a vibrant school community which acknowledges and celebrates the talents and achievements of all.

Working closely with staff at Ashton Sixth Form College, we encourage all students to participate in our flagship ‘Realising Aspirations
Programme’, designed to help students develop both academically and personally, and prepare for a bright future ahead, whether at university,
in higher level apprenticeships or in the world of work. All students, from year 7 to year 11, have the opportunity to work with the college, local
universities and prestigious employers to help them become the very best version of themselves; This programme and its opportunities are unique members of the Stamford Park Trust family.

Students also benefit from the use of our fantastic facilities across the whole Trust, including state of the art academic facilities at
Ashton Sixth Form College and sports facilities of unrivaled quality at Astley Sports Village. In the last year, the Trust has invested significantly
in high quality teaching and learning facilities from science labs and libraries to computer science suites and food technology rooms.